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  Having worked for a long time in various carpet and upholster cleaning companies, I was tired of dismissive supervisors and the quality of services they provided. From the arsenal of technicians, all that was given out for cleaning was; a vacuum cleaner, a brush, and a freshener, with a universal cleaner.
Not any of the companies could not answer my questions.
                 - how to clean certain stains, what is their difference, etc. although the topic of cleansing is very deep to study.
(There are terpene stains, tannin, enzyme, protein stains, etc., and for each you need to use a special cleaning agent and method. Also, different types of fabrics require different cleaning methods. For instance, water cannot be used during cleaning process of certain fabrics at all.)

For a long time I studied different types of fabrics, means and methods of cleaning. I conducted countless experiments and expanded knowledge of chemicals I work with on the daily. I started this business because companies I’ve worked for had neither knowledge nor desire to improve their services. But I don’t want to be just another guy with a vacuum cleaner. 

I pass down these years of experience on to my team as well, teaching them all that I’ve learned.

If you need a truly professional cleaning of upholstered furniture or carpets, we will be happy to help you.
Yes, we are not magicians, and some stains may not be washed off, as many factors affect this, for example (what fabric is the stain on, the origin of the stain, how old is the stain, has anyone tried to clean it, has the stain been exposed to sunlight, and much more .) But we guarantee that we will do everything necessary to clean it, we also guarantee the deep cleanliness of your furniture or carpet, the removal of germs and allergens. 
(a post about germs and allergens in furniture upholstery)

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You need a couch or carpet cleaning service? Our main goal is your satisfaction with the result. Our craftsmen will do their best to make you happy that you chose Cleaning LAB.

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