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Years of experience in various carpet and upholstery cleaning companies have led me to rethink service quality and client approach. I grew tired of superficial relationships and standard cleaning methods that often fall short in complex cases. Companies frequently relied on common tools like vacuums, brushes, and air fresheners, without considering the specifics of stains or fabric types.

None of these companies could answer my questions about effectively cleaning different types of stains or adapting approaches for various fabric types. This requires deep knowledge of chemistry, specialized cleaning agents, and methods—a field I systematically began to study. Years of research, experimentation, and training now equip me to offer clients more than just standard service.

Establishing my own company was driven by a commitment to set new industry standards. We take pride in sharing our accumulated expertise across our team, ensuring each member embraces our dedication to thorough and effective cleaning methods.

Choosing us means more than a service; it means a guarantee of deep cleanliness, bacteria and allergen removal from your furniture and carpets. While we don’t promise instant miracles, we assure you that we will exert every effort to achieve optimal results, considering the unique aspects of each task.

Thank you for choosing us to meet your cleaning needs. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to demonstrate our professionalism and commitment to service quality.


You need a couch or carpet cleaning service? Our main goal is your satisfaction with the result. Our craftsmen will do their best to make you happy that you chose Cleaning LAB.

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