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Cleaning the sofa at home

#Cleaning the sofa, carpet, carpet, armchairs, mattresses, and other upholstered furniture is included in the mandatory list of works of the service center.

1. Efficiency. Removal of stains, dry cleaning, water cleaning are carried out on the day of registration of the application or other specified period.

2. Security. When providing services, employees use safe professional equipment, non-aggressive cleaning agents.

3. Professionalism. The company's specialists are constantly improving their level of training.

High quality #sofa #cleaning at home.

After placing an order, employees arrive at the specified address.

The craftsmen have at their disposal professional equipment, tools, fixtures, detergents, detergent solutions. If there are pets in the apartment, the craftsmen will clean the upholstered furniture from cat, dog hair, and eliminate unpleasant odors.

Features of cleaning a white sofa with

Light-colored eco-leather surfaces need regular care and delicate handling. Cleaning is carried out with a gentle method. Experienced workers achieve impressive results. They use detergents designed to work with white artificial leather, suede, nubuck.

In some cases, manual cleaning is carried out without mechanical stress. Special protective equipment does not leave characteristic aromas, they are not dangerous for the health of people and pets. Thanks to professional care, white surfaces will be effectively cleaned of stains and dirty streaks.

How is the professional #cleaning of the #sofa from the smell carried out?

The specialist determines the places of dirt, selects the washing method, treats the stains that have deeply penetrated the upholstery fabric. To remove unpleasant odors of a cat, special technologies and effective potent drugs are used. As a result of active actions, the acrid smell of cat urine and detergents will completely disappear.

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