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How to remove the smell of urine from a sofa or other upholstered furniture?

This problem is especially relevant if the house has small children and pets.


Firstly, in order to remove the smell and stain of urine, you need to know what chemical elements are included in the composition?

- Urine is a type of excrement, a waste product of animals and humans, which is excreted by the kidneys. Urine is 97% water, the rest is nitrogenous decay products:

urea, uric and hippuric acids, creatine, xanthine, urobilin, indican and salts (chlorides, sulfates, dosphates).


Due to its high acidity, urine often reacts with cellulose fibers. - (cotton, viscose, jute, sisal, linen).

This leads to the formation of tannin stains and stains. Such defects are not always completely correctable.

• Protein fibers

- (wool and silk),

for these fabrics, the acidic environment of urine very often leaves burns in the form of yellowness and discoloration of the product.

It is impossible to eliminate these damages 100%, but it is often possible to make them less noticeable


To get rid of the smell of human or animal urine, it is necessary to eliminate the root cause of its appearance, i.e. split urine and urea salts into components and extract them using extractor equipment. Only this method gives a 100% result and, therefore, the removal of the most smelling substance.

To achieve a positive deodorization result in each individual case, an individual selection of agents safe for the material in the required concentration and dosage is required.

In order not to aggravate the situation and not spoil the furniture or rug,

#CleaninLAB advises you to follow the following recommendations for the use of upholstered furniture and mattresses:


1. Mattress most exposed to urine. The constant use of a special mattress cover made of moisture-repellent materials will help protect your product from exposure to aggressive environments and the formation of tannin stains.

2. Do not use all kinds of advertised deodorants to remove the smell of urine. They do not break down the source of the odor, but only mask it with strong fragrances.

It also often leads to damage to the product, as in the photo below.

(the appearance of an even larger spot)

"it is impossible to remove such damage"

And in some cases, after evaporation, the aroma mixes with the smell of excrement, which leads to an even more unpleasant odor.

3. Do not use soap solutions or aggressive detergents to remove stains. With self-cleaning, as a rule, they contribute to the penetration of urine deep into the product. This can lead to a stronger musty odor.

4. Never use acetic acid. It will never remove the smell, but will only irritate your olfactory receptors. Subsequently, it will be necessary to split not only urea, but also the vinegar itself.

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