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Rules for the care of leather furniture

In order for genuine leather furniture to delight you with its original appearance as long as possible, it must be properly maintained. And now you will find out how to do it correctly.

How to properly care for genuine leather furniture

• The skin reacts to heat. Therefore, you should not put furniture near heating appliances. When washing, use only warm water, not hot water. It is also very important to maintain an optimal indoor temperature. It should not be too dry and damp. Optimum humidity should not exceed 70%. Otherwise, the furniture will begin to crack and very quickly lose its original appearance.

• If you accidentally spill liquid (water, tea, coffee, juice, wine, etc.), wipe it up as soon as possible. This can be done with a napkin or soft cloth. But we do not wipe the stain with rubbing movements, but we apply the cloth to the wet place so that the liquid is absorbed into the cloth. Remove it as soon as possible, as spilled juice or wine can stain, especially on light leather furniture.

• For skin care, use only specially formulated products and soft tissues. Dust can have a negative effect on the skin. Therefore, try to clean the furniture as often as possible.

• Never use aggressive cleaning agents to remove dirt from leather upholstery. Also, do not rub it with a cleaning or washing powder. Use only designated cleaners for natural leather furniture. All products should be applied only with a soft cloth with gentle movements. Do not rub strongly.

• So that the skin does not dry out and always looks beautiful, it must be periodically treated with special oily products. Otherwise, the furniture will begin to dry out and burst.

• Do not cover leather furniture with bright bedspreads and do not use bright decorative pillows. First of all, this concerns the owners of sofas with light upholstery, as the upholstery can be stained.

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Rolf Botta
Rolf Botta
May 07, 2022

Mmm, this is very interesting information on how to clean leather furniture. Thanks for the interesting article!


Keri Puma
Keri Puma
May 05, 2022

An interesting article on how to care for leather furniture!

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