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from  $20

Cleaning of leather furniture is carried out only by hand.


To estimate the cost of cleaning leather furniture, we need to find out;

- what kind of furniture is it? (sofa, chair, ...)
- are there spots?
- is there a smell?

For a complete consultation, you can contact the manager and get a free estimate of the cost of your order.

Machine methods are not used to clean leather furniture due to the risk of damage to the material. Delicate cleaning removes various types of dirt
If there are stains on the upholstery, a special product is used. The stain remover is selected taking into account the type of leather, it is mandatory tested on an inconspicuous area of ​​the upholstery.
Applying a moisturizer to leather furniture, it is designed to revitalize old skin types as well as improve the feeling of tight skin. Penetrates into the skin, softening and nourishing it.
Application of a protective layer, closes the pores of the skin, which allows the material to stay clean longer.

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