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cleaning  packages

- Refreshment package
- Extra package
- Superior package


To estimate the cost of cleaning your couch, we need to find out;

- how many seats does your couch have?
- are there stains on the couch?
- is there a smell?
- is there pet hair?

For a complete consultation, you can contact the manager and get a free estimate of the cost of your order.

The «Sinner's circle» is used to clean your sofa, the circle represents 4 sectors: time, reactivity, friction, temperature. For example, tackling a stain on your sofa requires the right proportions of all of these factors. Let's say that initially all the shares are equal, but then, depending on what task we are facing, one sector increases. For example, if we have a grease stain in front of us, then we need a high temperature to dissolve it. Consequently, other sectors of the circle are reduced, because if you rub hard, and also apply high temperature, then there is a high probability of ruining the fabric.
This is how this circle works.

There are other factors to consider when cleaning a sofa; 
Whether you have tried to clean the sofa yourself?
- this is important to know because the technician needs to understand what means he can use and whether he can use them at all in order to avoid damage to your sofa.

What material is your sofa made of?
- there are materials that cannot be wetted, they contain a substance called tannin, which, when wet, releases a coloring matter, as a result, the entire sofa will be covered with stains. Also, materials that cannot be wetted can deform.
- there are materials that need to be subjected to forced drying, as they can smell bad without forced drying or mold and stains will appear.


Is a Sinner's circle

This circle is more than 50 years old and is widely used in cleaning. This is the foundation of the activity, which is considered the base.


- Mechanic
- Temperature
- Time

- Chemical activity

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