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Couch cleaning NYC

Couch cleaning services
New York

couch cleaning nyc
Couch cleaning

Straight couch

2 seats (loveseats)

From $73

Couch cleaning nyc

Straight couch

3 seats

From $96

couch cleaning near me

L-Shaped couch

2 seats + corner

From $115

Couch cleaning nyc

L-Shaped couch

3 seats + corner

From $127

Professional Couch cleaning

Shaped couch

5 seats

From $141

professional Couch cleaning nyc

U shaped sofa

more than 5 seats

From $169

professional Couch cleaning  nyc

Pull-out additional section 

From $33

Couch cleaning Services Near You

Designer couch

or unusual shapes

and sizes



upholstery repair

stain resistance

extra drying

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/Our couch cleaning service
Furniture cleaning service
before and after