Frequently asked Questions

How often should the furniture be cleaned?

We recommend cleaning your furniture approximately every six months to a year. In this case, most stains and dirt are removed without leaving a trace. Although, we often come across sofas that are cleaned much less often. And with them we also manage to achieve an excellent result.

It's safe?

Yes. We are surrounded by a lot of household chemicals. We wash the floors with products, the bathroom and the mirrors too. We wash clothes with powder, wash dishes with more than just water, and so on. So, you don't need to be afraid of chemistry. We use in our work specialized products that were created specifically for cleaning furniture. Their peculiarity is that they are very easy to wash out of the upholstery. In addition, the last step in cleaning is to rinse the furniture with a neutralizing conditioner. Therefore, even if there is even a little detergent left in the upholstery after the main cleaning, then after our conditioner there is no chance for residual detergents.

How long does the cleaning take?

The cleaning time is influenced by the size of the product, quantity, material, degree of pollution.

Do you remove unpleasant odors?

Yes, this is one of the most frequent requests when contacting us. We own special means and technology that allow us not only to mask the smell, but to remove it.

How long does furniture dry after cleaning?

Several factors affect the drying time: the material, the degree of pollution (the dirtier the sofa, the more solution and water you need, the longer it dries), the temperature in the room, the presence of air flow. On average, furniture dries in 8-12 hours. But this process can be accelerated. For example, direct a fan at the furniture. Or order an additional furniture drying service from us.

What is your technician doing? How is cleaning done?

Dry cleaning of furniture is carried out in 6 stages: 1. We vacuum your furniture if there is large debris on it (candy wrappers, crumbs, etc.)
2. We apply products that break the bonds of dirt with the surface.
3. With an extractor, we remove the dissolved dirt and rinse the sofa with plenty of water. We remove our funds to the maximum.
4. We work with the remaining spots.
5. We wash furniture from residues of detergents with a special neutralizing conditioner.
6. If necessary, dry the furniture.