Leather furniture cleaning

Leather furniture cleaning

Leather and nubuck furniture cleaning package


  • cleaned exclusively by hand

"Machine methods are not used because of the risk of damage to the material. Delicate cleansing enables the removal of contaminants of various types."

  • focused stain removal

"If there are stains on the upholstery, a special product is used. The stain remover is selected taking into account the type of leather, it is mandatory tested on an inconspicuous area of the upholstery."​

  • applying moisturizing cream for leather furniture

It is intended to revive the old skin types, as well as to improve the feeling of tight skin. Penetrates into the skin, softening and nourishing it.​

  • applying a protective layer

​Closes the pores of the skin, which allows the material to stay clean longer.

Leather straight couch cleaning

Straight couch

2 seats

Leather straight couch cleaning

Straight couch

3 seats

Leather straight couch cleaning

Straight couch

2 seats + corner

Leather corner sofa cleaning

Large corner sofa

3 seats + corner

Leather U shaped sofa cleaning

U shaped sofa

more than 5 seats

Leather sleeper couch cleaning

Sleeper couch

Leather ottoman cleaning


Leather removable pillow cleaning

Removable pillow

Leather armchair cleaning


Leather chair cleaning


Leather chair with backrest cleaning

Chair with backrest

Leather office chair cleaning

Office chair

Leather furniture cleaning
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Leather furniture cleaning
Cleaning of leather furniture should be done with caution. Standard water cleaning methods will not work here. Leather furniture must not be excessively moistened with water, so we use specialized detergents to process it. This workflow is more precise and neat.

If you want to freshen up a leather sofa or armchair, restore its aesthetic appearance or get rid of stubborn dirt - rely on us. We know how to handle natural leather.

You can entrust us with cleaning your leather sofa, pouf or armchair. We will do our best to ensure that you have only pleasant impressions from our work.