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Leather furniture cleaning service in New York

Leather furniture cleaning service
New York

Leather couch cleaning services

Straight couch

2 seats (loveseats)

From $115

Leather couch cleaning services in New York

Straight couch

3 seats

From $138

Leather couch cleaning services in NYC

L-Shaped couch

2 seats + corner

From $165

professional leather sofa cleaning service

L-Shaped couch

3 seats + corner

From $182

Leather armchair cleaning services


From $60

Leather chair cleaning services

Chair with backrest

From $17

Leather ottoman cleaning services


From $25


I need to clean something else

Leather furniture


Couch cleaning services in New York Refreshment package

Cleaning processes

  • Usage a steam generator

to remove dirt from leather's pores.

  • cleaned exclusively by hand

"Machine methods are not used because of the risk of damage to the material. Delicate cleansing enables the removal of contaminants of various types."​

  • focused stain removal 

"If there are stains on the upholstery, a special product is used. The stain remover is selected taking into account the type of leather, it is mandatory tested on an inconspicuous area of the upholstery."​​​

  • applying moisturizing cream for leather furniture

It is intended to revive the old skin types, as well as to improve the feeling of tight skin. Penetrates into the skin, softening and nourishing it.​

  • applying a protective layer

​Closes the pores of the skin, which allows the material to stay clean longer.

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Edgar M

The technician  was very professional, polite and efficient. He explained me everything and letting me know as the outcome of the cleaning. The carpet looks 10 times cleaner, since it had spots from my cat

Ashley P

This was my first sofa cleaning experience and I really liked it. The manager told me everything in detail and sent me an estimate.  The technician arrived on time, explained everything and showed. He told us about the features of the fabric (we have a bouclе sofa). He washed traces of slime, it's just incredible, I had no hope that the stain could be removed.   I am very satisfied.

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